Financial Calculators

We have built some of the most important calculators needed when you want to build your PlansForAnything™.

Return on Investment Calcuator

This calculator shows you the development in finances, if you decided to reinvest every year.

Provide a principal/recurring investment sum and play around with time and interest rates.


Calculate the future value of you investment!

This form will calculate a simple ROI over time showing the effects of compound interest. The amount you will invest recurring, the number of years and the expected ROI to see the end-result.

Enter the amount of money you expect to invest reocurring each year



Set the your expected ROI



Enter the investment years


Looking for a Great Read?

We have currated a select set of books we recommend you dig into. They will build your understanding and lead to new ideas, moving you ahead in generating Financial Freedom.

Eventually allowing you to have Plans For Anything!

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