Site stats and earnings Week 4 15′

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Welcome to the second update of the site stats

During the last week I had the chance to work with different content posts and setting up more and more of the “behind the scenes” work. The posts are ok, but not at the quality level I want them at… There is a bit of way to go for me before they will look as good as other posts out there. Especially the editing interface is really not good enough for layout etc… Might have to look into how to make CSS if necessary.


In terms of traffic the launch of Alaskan Chainsaw Mill really drew quite some people… Kinda surprising but still interesting. Pure traffic – not a lot can be seen on the picture below.



Income wise the site dropped to half from last week, however the good part is that half of nothing is really just closer to nothing. Somehow I need to start promoting the site elsewhere – but still I want a bit more content available before I start pushing.

Income Source This Week Year To Date
Amazon Affiliate 0 0
Google AdSense 2.03dkk 6.57dkk


In terms of content I have to start planning much more, to get the right content and quality in place. I want to do a “project” per week, which ends up in a nice post on how it was achieved and the result. Besides that I want to start reviewing a lot more products, to provide that insight to viewers.

I am also contemplating starting a youtube channal, but right now I don’t have a good place for recording and I doubt the quality really will be ok for that. Anyway – might happen before you know of it 🙂

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