Tubby Tug build.

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I need a boat – no I crave a boat!

So this is a long term project which have been sitting in my shop and garage for too long 🙂 Anyway a while back I decided that I wanted to build a boat for my kids. I spent plenty of time digging through designs, options and models on the net, as well as reading all the good advice I could find.

In that process I came across the following websites I can recommend.

Glen L

Bateau Boats

Dynamite Payson (link might be broken)


Selecting the boat to build

So when selecting the type of build I wanted to perform, I had focus on three things

  1. I wanted a boat which would be “easy” to build
  2. Didn’t require mad woodworking skills
  3. Were affordable
  4. Met the needs of my young childeren
  5. Didn’t require many special tools I had no reasonable chance of acquiring

Scouring through the sites I came across many types and variations, however I favored the Glen-L site because the plans just seems that more credible. Furthermore there is a quite active forum associated where help can be sought from experienced builderes who were on their second or third boat.

So the verdict landed on the Tubby Tug from Glen-L, which can be seen here.

I think the concept of a mini tug boat is just smashing and I can only imagine the fun that can be had using this boat on various occasions. My considerations were also hovering around the inboard Hankinson designs from the same page, however I could just not imagine how I would find 2000hours to complete such a build! Nor have the talent to land such a project… MY biggest mistake ever.

Another concept that went through my mind was to look into canoe or kayak building, and I ordered a couple of books around that. However they didn’t meet my ambition of giving my kids something totally unique!

Fast forward a few years… Below is a slider which shows some of the progress and current state of the boat! My project is currently shipwrecked because I had two children in between, finished a Bachelor of Business Administration, built a new house and moved three times in between. But as my GF tells me – the road to purgatory is paved in bad excuses!

Later on I will do more details on the process, but this is it for now. Below some links to books and tools I recommend if you are wanting to get into boat building.

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