Tool cabinet part 3

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So the cabinet is coming together as planned.

The frames for the opening doors are done, and the front boarding is going in.

Right front lid

Right front lid

I spent quite some time ripping and planing down the plank. But ended up with all of it done from a few 6×2’s. The planks are joined by feathers between each and then recessed into the framing, to make the surface flush with the cabinet front. There is a small gap between the planks and the frame to ease the project.

The door is hinged using a piano hinge og 60 cm. That leaves 15cm from top and bottom the door. Hopefully it will hold or I will have to get a 90cm hinge that will just fit.

I am not quiet done with fine tuning the setup – and in the future I will do another cabinet… just because now I know how to and can avoid some of all the blunders I made creating this!

(Tough) lessons learned

  • Significant time wasted because my shop is too small 🙁
  • Cheap machines consume too much time setting up compared to using, as well as create a significant mess when used.
    • Poor surfaces and guides make setting up a pain
    • Missing “click” adjustments for common measurements are bad











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