Scheppach HC24dc Compressor Review

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During my refurbishing of this old house I bought, I recently had the need for a compressor to drive my new nail gun!


Never having bought a compressor,  went online and looked around. However not knowing much about it, I decided to go shopping instead.

In denmark we have a chain of local hardware and tool stores called Harald Nyborg which carries a hobby grade assortment of many tools. In the shop I decided to go for the Scheppach hc24dc compressor. The weird part about the Scheppach tools in Harald Nyborg is that they are branded but not carried on the website in any way.
Often I find that these “special” editions is a collaboration between Scheppach and lower grade suppliers in the market, and I can find the same products with small variations in brands like Woodstar.

That being said most of the products I have bought in this entry level are quite “ok” and only now and then require small modifications like the Scheppach dust extractor for jointing/planing.

So back to the model that I decided on;

It’s a bi-cylinder setup with the cylinders in a v-configuration. Each with their own air filter. The filters screw into the cylinders and I really hope they can be replaced if they clog on me. Secondly it’s an oiled compressor meaning that it has to be kept upright and checked for lubrication. While this is a bit more complicated than your typical compressor, I am excited to follow the product as I use it. My expectation is that it will last longer than a non-lubricated machine.

• Model: HC24DC.
• Engine: 3,0 HP.
• Voltage: 230 volts.
• Air inflow: 412 liter/min.
• Engine speed: 2800 rev./min.
• Max pressure: 8 bar.
• Tank: 24 liter.
• wright: 36 kg.
• Noise level: 97 dB(A).








My expected use is to drive nail guns, pump bicycle and car tires as well as random jobs of blowing dust around.
Given the flow of the machine it should also be possible to drive a spray gun and perhaps a rotary sander as well. Once summer is closer and I want to do some spray painting I will publish a post demonstrating the use and performance of the machine.


all in all, as always, I find it’s a quite sturdy machine. It’s slightly crude like most entry level items, but still delivers quite a performance.

Go to my YouTube channel to see a small info-video on the product and noise level.


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