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Welcome to this weeks summary… which consists of just 4.54dkk.

This is the first week of my website even being alive, which means I am in the phase of establishing the site and just doing the basics. Work is still ongoing in terms of adding plugins and deciding what goes where – but that will be a project for the next month or two.

The traffic analysis shows that mainly robots are visiting and different abuse trackers – and perhaps one stray individual now and then… a few people ended up clicking my banners,  but no one order the book I recommend through my blog. I am guessing it’s not getting a lot of attention and I need to figure out the target group.

Next week I will be looking into how I can promote the site and start drawing traffic to the site as well as how to improve my targeting and on-boarding of visitors. I will also be looking into how to provide useful links when people do visit, building a better experience for them. Another significant plan is a plan for generating content which matters to the people I want to pull in.

I will not be looking into other sources of income, since the site is still in it’s infancy… My hope is to be able to get some kind of decent return perhaps within the next four weeks.

Income Source This Week Year To Date
Amazon Affiliate 0 0
Google AdSense 4.54dkk 4.54dkk


To wrap this first week I poured a cup of joe in to my favorite mug in the house…


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