Product Review: Cheap but rugged Falke belt sander

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So I am building a boat and needed to remove quite some material. But being new to tools and things, I didn’t want to go and buy a very expensive belt sander, since I basically do not have any knowledge on what features I would like.

Instead I took the option of buying a Falke belt sander from a local hardware store for 70$ – that might seem steep, but a professional sander starts at twice of that and goes to 300$ easily.

General product quality

Falke Belt Sander

Falke Belt Sander

In general the product resembles a cheap version and the plastic, metal etc. show a finish related to what can be expected from a cheap tool. However it’s ok for the price and generally meets my expectations. Nothing on the product is flimsy or wobly, which I find quite good because it’s often where you see issues on cheap products. Adjustment levers, screws etc. are quite sturdy and doesn’t cause any type of concern for breaking.

It’s worthwhile noticing there is a 5 year guarantee for non-professional use, which is quite good since the product is either replaced or redeemed if it breaks!


The sander comes with a lot of options for adjusting the product. First of all it’s possible to tilt the front handle by releasing a lever. This allows for different usages as well as it makes room for getting the nose of the product into a tight space. The lever is quite sturdy and the locking mechanism is tight and feels like there is a firm grip – this is also a requirement to avoid ruining your work, should the sander slip inadverdantly.

In there front there is a lid which opens that allows for usage of the beltsander in tight areas. The lid is easy to flip, however the metal feels a bit cheap. Below the lid it’s also easy to see the belt tracking screw.

The sander is capable of running between 0 and 380 revolutions/min, which allows for more or less material removal. Together with the speed adjustment dial the option of locking the sander in operation exists, removing the need to hold the trigger while sanding.

Finally when replacing the belt there is a leve on the side of the product that provides the tensioning of the belt once mounted. Again there’s a solid feel and the mechanics doesn’t provide any reason to think that it will break soon.

The last accessory is a baseplate, which seems to allow that the sander is mounted in a table or similar with a fence. This makes it possible to turn the sander into a stationary tool where more precise work can be performed – I have however not experiemented with this yet, but building a sanding table seems like a good idea! 🙂


I personally think this is a good purchase price quality wise, if you are looking for a rugged belt sander to do the rough work. This is accompanied with the 5 year warranty which means as long as you do not abuse the product will be replaced on a malfunction.

I give the product 3.5/5 as a final evaluation.


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