New Tool Cabinet part 2

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So I got around to finishing the primary carcass for the tool cabinet.


The cabinet is far from what you usually see on the internet, however some value have materialized through this project.

  1. No plywood! I know it form stable and all that jazz – but it’s a bit like cheating?
  2. I don’t want to be picture perfect – it doesn’t resemble the usual woodworker out there.
  3. I had some really great fun with my kids doing this project. This morning they were sitting in the box in the workshop dreaming them selves somewhere else… priceless.


Oh btw… hacked striking knife! I had an old broken knife in the shop and took it to the beltsander to create a striking knife – quite good result really!




Faithfull MKNIFE Marking Knife 7-inch (DIY & Tools)

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50mm Blade 180mm Length Woodwork Marking Knife – Wooden Handle

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