Making $ of your site

This article describes the journey I am about to head out on.

My target: Build an income source online, which can supplement my ordinary income and eventually exceed it. End goal: To achieve financial independence and be able to buy the few nice things I really want in my life.

But How? I want to create a good blog/website which is relevant to plenty people, based on my trial and errors in trying to build a successful online income… Chicken and egg situation you said?

My plan is I want to lean on four dominant directions;

  1. I want to work with DIY projects, that may become a real life extra income
  2. Posting topics that are dear to my heart; Beer, wine and food 🙂
  3. Creating product reviews
  4. Run a trail on how to build a community and online context

To generate income there are some general directions which can be followed. Below I have listed a few of them, and I am currently pursing Cost per Click and Affiliate store (See book link in the bottom of the page).

If I do get enough attention to my site, then I want to start looking into cost per mille instead, as I consider it a better solution to making money online – but I still need experience to determine whether it is.

Primary ways of making income of your site

  1. Cost Per Click
  2. Cost Per Mille
  3. Affiliate Stores
  4. E-Mail advertising
  5. Selling my site (Hardly interesting right now – but with right size and target it should be ok).


I took the time to gather some sources on how to make money online that I found worthwhile – enjoy!

10 Ways to earn money on your site

53 ways to make money online


And finally some recommend books from Amazon – of course using my affiliate link!

How to make money online?: the things you can make with your laptop! (Kindle Edition)

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Earning Money Online: The book that will make you money (Kindle Edition)

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