Lead with Respect

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Lead with Respect is a easy-read novel which explains the basic traits of LEAN and how they are applied in practice written by Jim Womack.

I found that the book was very well worth reading due to the writing style a great storyline. The storyline revolves around two people who meet up in a business setup, where one assumes the role of LEAN master and throughout conversations and examples explain how to apply LEAN tools and improve the bussiness. The conversation starts from the basic “It’s you” problem and moves across the full value chain, and of course success of the persons in the scenario.

Especially one part of the book blew me away, which is the core model of the book, as shown below.

Lead with Respect basic Model

I have been practicing “Go see for yourself” a lot through my career and always found that people in all parts of an organisationg quickly can releate and share what is on their mind. Being a senior manager that’s a huge benefit, since it allows one to tap into many resources that are not available usually. Secondly listening, however hard that is, is key to achieving peoples trust and to be able to challenge them correctly to improve continuously.

Besides that the ambition of “problems first” is a very good tool in my book. It put’s focus on what matters most for the people, tools and process. But always remember – It’s never people who are at fault – it’s always processes and tools that introduce errors. The typical examples in my trade (software development) is, that the environments or tooling people use do not allow them to focus fully on the product they deliver, but rather take away time and attention. Often slight changes to reduce the friction (problems first) will help a lot in terms of motivation and productivity.

The book was recommended to me by Daniel Breston, who is one of the contributors to the book and due to the ease of read but yet clear enough advice, this was a great read.

My rating of the book is 4.5 out of 5 – I highly recommend that you pick up a copy for yourself!

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Lead with Respect

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