DIY Router Table build

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As any good woodworker who own a router i went and build my own router table.

It’s a basic table from 2×4’s where I have notched in the cross members and added a back brace for stability. The table top is a piece of laminate from a kitchen counter top, which allows for me to slide the material quite easy. Besides that the router insert is a 6mm (1/4 inch) birch plywood plate I made custom to fit in. I routed a 6mm recess around the edges to allow it to rest in the table – fortunately the tabletop is 27mm thick, which allows for this kind of recess. I drilled into the corner of  the intersection between the routerplate and the table to create a place where I can pick up the plate and router together.

For now I still need to build a proper fence but anyting straight can be used along with clamps to hold it in place.

I bought a bosch POF1200 back in the days which I use, however I highly recommend getting the larger unit if you are not tapping into the professional series, because it’s just not that good a product to be honest.

Having an ACE1200 or similar should be your choise at least.


Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

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