Dark Winter Bock and Golden IPA

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Here in Denmark we have a thriving micro brewery culture, and it’s always possible to sniff up something new. Last night I was home alone and took the chance for tasting a couple of brews that were discounted at just 12dkk a piece – which is quite cheap for this type of beers.

I picked a Indian Pale Ale (IPA) because I typically find them nice and easy going on the palet – albeit still with a slightly hopsy taste. Secondly I picked a Bock which is a more heavy dark brew with more flavor and tones of liqourice and so forth.

The “Gylden IPA” was not really my tast as it tasted slightly Gin’ish and strong. On the label it says that rosemary and rosehip had been added.

The Dark Winter Bock had elderberries, cranberries and porse in it. Much more to my taste and a quite good beer I would recommend this beer for a steak.

Dark Winter Bock

Dark Winter Bock



Unfortunately this is one of the most recent moves from the large breweries where they use a minor brand or niche label to market their stuff. Hence this is a brew from Royal Unibrew… 🙁

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