Adding the Skeg to the Tubby Tug

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Adding the skeg to the boat is the next part.

To spare you from the boring stuff, I tool a plank at planed, ripped and hand planed it to size to fit the plans.

It is screwed into the bottom of the boat in three places which are at the front, middle and rear. Before attaching the skeg I also spent a bit of time preparing the area for the mounting action.

Cleaning bottom of boat.

Cleaning bottom of boat.













Next I mixed up a batch of epoxy with microglass balloons in, as a kind of pastry which I added under the skeg before I screwed it in place. This allowed me to form a nice curve of the squeeze out, as well as mitigating any of the shapes in the epoxy from earlier.

Skeg smooshed on the boat with filled Epoxy

Skeg smooshed on the boat with filled Epoxy

After adding the skeg and leaving it to dry overnight I prepare to glass in a 50mm woven strip along both sides of the skeg for initial adhesion and once it arrives I will fold a 100 mm strip over the boat for covering the entire skeg, so nothing is left open when the boat is in the water.

See the gallery for pictures related to the glassing process.

That step will be the last before adding bottom paint (Not an anti fouling type – just the ordinary boat paint) and flipping the boat for being finalized on the top side. With a bit of effort I will be ready for the easter in terms of launching the boat – what enjoyment that will be!

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