Empowering  you to have PlansforAnything™

We are Passionate About your financial freedom

As children we are born free risk takers. We crawl into life only to be met with schools, jobs and obligations that will enslave us. Slavery that perhaps will end at retirement age when you reach your twilight years… The best of our time, spent on making others a fortune.

80% of the population are caught in the rat race and will never move on.

This needs to change – now!

Our mission is to educate, train and mentor as many as possible to create free individuals.
Individuals who are not bound by debt and obligations, pushing them into the daily 8-5 work routine. Individuals that are free thinkers providing new unseen value in the world.

We do this by sharing knowledge and insights allowing you to develop competencies and skills.

We have wrapped this in a simple concept; To have PlansForAnything

How to benefit from this?

It revolves around three fundamental values

  • Get REAL
    There is no other option – you have to face the music. To approach the world in a new manner, you need to learn the game, and play the game
  • Get Connected
    Find friends, allies and mentors who will help you on the journey. People who have made parts or the entire journey, who can share their experiences.
  • Get Help
    Last step is simply to ask for help. Whether it is to put together a plan, understand income and expense or more sophisticated topics such as mortgages and loans.
    Dare to ask and get the necessary input to change your direction and end results – it will be worth your time


Yours Sincerely

Søren Pedersen

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